Can Adults Get Braces?

Many adults choose to get braces to fix crooked teeth. Unfortunately, many adults worry that braces will look unattractive and make it difficult to keep their teeth clean. However, modern braces are much smaller and sleeker than braces in the past. This makes them more appealing to adults who want a straighter smile.

Do Adults Need Braces?

Braces are very beneficial for adults for many reasons.

• Adults have a variety of issues that can be corrected with braces.

• Orthodontic treatment often takes longer than treatment for children and teens.

• Most patients will need to wear braces for two to three years.

• Once braces are removed, a retainer must be worn.

• Retainers prevent the teeth from shifting back into place.

When Should Adults Get Braces?

The timing of braces for an adult is a little bit different than it is for children. Dentists typically recommend that patients have braces put on between the ages of 12 and 14. That’s because the teeth are still growing at this age, and braces can speed along their movement. This can mean fewer appointments for braces adjustments. But adults who have certain orthodontic problems may benefit from braces at any age.

How Braces Work

First, your dentist will take X-rays to determine the current condition of your teeth. Then, your dentist will meet with you to discuss what orthodontic treatment is best for you. During this appointment, your dentist will also discuss the cost of the braces and provide a written estimate of the cost.

Once you have decided to go ahead with treatment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth, which will be used to create your custom braces. Then, your dentist will send your impressions to a dental lab, where a technician will fabricate them. Once your braces are ready, your dentist will schedule an appointment to fit your first set.

Are Braces Painful?

Braces aren’t painful at all. In fact, most patients report feeling no pain at all when they get their braces on for the first time. However, after you get your braces on, you may experience some soreness in your gums and teeth. This soreness will go away after a couple of days.

Some patients also experience some pain when they first get their teeth aligned. This pain is short-lived, and you’ll notice that your teeth feel much better once they’ve been adjusted.

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