How to get rid of your bad breath?

Bad breath affects 25 percent of the world’s population, which raises the question of how we can get rid of bad breath. There is no specific cure for these problems due to several causes. However, we can still prevent it by following the tips in this blog.

Bad breath can be due to several reasons like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and not practicing good oral hygiene. Thus, follow the tips given below to get rid of poor breath.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Our mouth contains bacteria that prevent our teeth from getting damaged. Along with it, the mouth also contains harmful bacteria that, if not removed on time, can lead to stinky plaque or tartar. However, by drinking plenty of water a day, you eliminate those foul-smelling bacteria from your mouth.

Brush And Floss Two Times A Day

Accumulation of plaque on our teeth can become a home to the stinky bacteria that results in poor breath. So, it is recommended that you brush your teeth two times a day and floss once a day or, if you still feel less confident about your breath, you can choose to do these more often. However, don’t do them not too often as they can be harsh for your teeth, thereby making them vulnerable to tooth decay.

Consume More Probiotics

Sometimes, bad breath can also be caused because of unbalanced intestinal flora. Hence, it is recommended to consume food items that are rich in probiotics. These food items include yogurt, kimchi, pickles, etc. Not having enough digestive enzymes makes it arduous for the food to break down properly. Food with high probiotics consists of digestive enzymes and prevents bad breath.

Avoid Tobacco

Other than cancer, smoking is very harmful to your teeth and gums and can be one of the causes of bad breath. So, utilize over-the-counter nicotine patches that enable you to overcome the urge to smoke. You can also ask for the help of a doctor and get involved in the quit smoking programs or get prescription medications. It helps you avoid tobacco for a good cause. 

Take Care Of Your Gum

Our gums are the very delicate part of our mouth, which makes them vulnerable to infections. The food we eat gets easily trapped in the gum line and is forgotten while brushing. Therefore, it is significant to take care of your gum the same way we take care of our teeth. Gently brush along the gums in a circular motion and floss regularly to remove the food debris trapped in the gum line.


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