Tips to Overcome Dental Fear

Dental fear is a common phobia. Dental anxiety and fear can keep you away from the dentist, which can lead to an increase in your dental problems. Listed below are some tips that can help you ease your fear of the dentist.

  • Choose your dentist wisely

One of the most important steps in treating your fear of the dentist is choosing the right dentist for you. Don’t be afraid to ask around for recommendations and referrals or ask friends which dentist they see. You can also search the Internet and read online reviews of a dentist’s practice, which can give you some idea of what to expect before your first appointment.

When you go in for your initial consultation, be sure to ask questions about the office atmosphere and how the staff treats their patients. If the office seems chaotic, perhaps this is another sign that you should continue your search for the perfect practitioner. Also, feel free to ask about the dentist themselves. What are their qualifications? Are they a member of any professional associations? How many years have they been practicing dentistry? What procedures are done in-office, and which are referred out? These are all questions that can help you have a better idea of how comfortable you will be with this particular doctor.

Once you have chosen a dentist that you believe you can trust, you can schedule your next appointment and begin your journey toward a healthier smile!

  • Discuss your dental fears with your dentist

Visiting the dentist can be scary for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. When patients visit their dentist, they should communicate their fears and anxieties openly and honestly with their dentists. They can discuss the best ways to ease those fears and if sedation dentistry is appropriate. Patients can even find out how dentists make their offices relaxing and comforting for their patients.

  • Ask about sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is used to make visits more comfortable by relaxing the patient during treatment. There are two main types of sedation dentistry that are commonly used, including nitrous oxide and oral medication. Before treatment, your doctor will discuss which option is best for you based on your health history and other medications you take. Both types of sedation are safe and effective. If your dentist recommends oral medication, then your dosage will be tailored to meet your needs. In some cases, patients are able to drive themselves home after an oral sedative, but make sure you have someone available to drive you if necessary.

At your appointment, your vital signs will be monitored closely to ensure patient safety. A local anesthetic will also be used to prevent pain during the procedure. If you have any questions or concerns about sedation dentistry, talk to your dentist. He or she will be happy to answer any questions you have and work with you to schedule the appointment you need.

  • Listen to your favorite music

Listening to your favorite music can help you relax before and during your procedure. If you find that you panic more when you’re in the dentist’s chair, ask your dental hygienist if you can bring a music player and earbuds with you. That way, you can listen to your favorite songs or podcasts as you undergo the appointment. There are headphones that come with timers, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the volume down. The timer will stop your music after 20 minutes. You can ask your dentist if the speakers in your headphones are compatible with the chair’s entertainment station. If they aren’t, you can still bring your iPod to listen to some relaxing sounds while you undergo the procedure.

  • Bring a friend for support

Bringing a friend or family member to your appointments can help you relax. They can provide moral support and someone to talk to as well. This can also help you remember that you’re not alone in your fear. It can also help to have someone else there who can help remind you when it’s time to open wide for the hygienist or dentist.

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