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Crowns and bridges are dental appliances used to restore or replace a single tooth or several missing teeth. They are fixed devices, making them more convenient than dentures.

 A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that is secured over an existing tooth. It is fabricated to match the natural color of your existing teeth. Dental crowns can save a tooth, enhance your smile, and even help support restorations.

A bridge is generally used when more than one tooth is missing. The teeth on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth are shaped to have crowns fitted on them, and the bridge is made with two crowns on the sides with the replacement tooth in the middle. 

Why Do You Need To Get a Crown or a Bridge?

There are several reasons for which a person may require a crown or a bridge. It may be restoring a tooth that is progressively decaying or checking the deterioration of an already cracked tooth. Perhaps you have undergone a root canal and the tooth's function needs to be reinstated. 

Crowns are also recommended to attach bridges to teeth. A bridge may be required if an individual is missing a few teeth in a row because of gum disease, injury to the mouth, or some other reason.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Crowns And Bridges?

Not all crowns and bridges are made of the same material. Crowns are available in ceramic, porcelain, gold, and metal alloys. Based on your personal requirements, your dentist will determine which type of crown will be right for you.

There are several types of dental bridges. The most common type is the traditional bridges made from porcelain. A resin-bonded bridge, or Maryland bridge, is fabricated from porcelain and supported by a metal frame. Then there are Cantilever bridges that are used when supporting teeth are on one side of the missing tooth.

What Can I Expect During a Crown or Bridge Procedure?

The procedure for receiving a crown or a bridge will require two visits to your dentist. On your first visit, the dentist will examine the tooth and reshape its size to support the crown. Once the tooth is ready to be fitted with the crown, an impression is taken to prepare the crown. On the second visit, the crown is fixed with special dental cement.

The procedure for fixing a bridge is also quite simple and straightforward. First, local anesthesia may be administered to numb the teeth. And then the teeth will be drilled so that the bridge fits on top of them. The bridge will then be bonded to hold it permanently in place.

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