Laser Dentistry in Houston, TX

Laser dentistry is the practice of using laser technology to perform dental procedures. Lasers make use of light energy to precisely remove tissue from your teeth.

Many dentists use lasers to perform a variety of procedures, including the following:

  • Tooth preparation:With the advent of laser dentistry, the use of the uncomfortable dental drill and anesthesia to prepare a  tooth for a filling or other dental procedures is eliminated. Besides, lasers also help reduce dental infection by killing oral bacteria around the treatment site.
  • Reshaping soft tissue:Another application of dental lasers includes crown lengthening procedure by dissolving the soft tissue to reveal more of the natural tooth. Lasers are also used to reshape soft tissue to make “gummy smiles” more appealing. 
  • Frenectomy: A frenectomy is a procedure of removing the frenum, the connective tissue present at either the top or the bottom of the mouth, under the tongue, or the upper gums. This is done by laser dentistry and is needed if the frenum is causing pain or inhibiting oral functionalities like speech and the feeding habits of babies, children, and adults. 
  • Tumor removal:Laser dentistry can be utilized to remove benign tumors that are present in the soft tissue areas of the mouth without causing pain.
  • Whitening:One of the common applications of laser in dentistry is during a teeth whitening procedure. Lasers help expedite the process by boosting the activity of the particles present in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching solution.
  • Biopsy:Lasers are also used to perform an accurate and precise biopsy on suspected areas of soft tissue. 

What are the benefits of laser dentistry over traditional dentistry?

Laser dentistry has several benefits over traditional dentistry. Lasers minimize pain and discomfort because they work on activating a chemical reaction with your tooth. Lasers also decrease bleeding and swelling during dental procedures.

The other benefits of using laser dentistry include the following:

  • Reduced need for anesthesia
  • Reduced need for stitches
  • Reduced risk of infection after the procedure
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • Reduced post-operative discomfort
  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration

Is laser dentistry safe?

Laser dentistry is completely safe and sterile for all patients.

How do lasers work?

Dental lasers work by emitting highly-concentrated light. The light works to vaporize soft tissue, which, in turn, removes bacteria. Dental lasers also work to seal off blood vessels and nerve endings. This helps to prevent bleeding and hypersensitivity in the gums.

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