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A healthy, bright smile is what everyone desires. But having chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth could affect a person’s smile and appearance. Thankfully, Lumineers offer an excellent way to enhance your smile. They are similar to porcelain veneers and effectively restore your teeth without removing the tooth’s natural enamel. Lumineers are an upgraded version of veneers and provide a wide range of benefits for people looking for a flawless smile. 

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are paper-thin porcelain veneers used to conceal the teeth’s imperfections such as stains and cracks. They can also close the gaps between the teeth. It offers a permanent cosmetic solution to give you a perfect smile. 

Lumineers are about 0.3mm in thickness, slightly thinner than standard veneers. The tooth will not need to be scraped, so no anesthesia is needed. Lumineers are cemented to the teeth’s surface and conceal the various defects of the teeth. 

They are also reversible, meaning that they can be removed after a few years if the patient does not want to wear them. The tooth’s structure will remain intact even after the removal of the Lumineers. 

What is the Lumineers Procedure?

The process for Lumineers is relatively quick and painless, requiring only two visits to a dentist. The bonding of the Lumineers does not involve injections or excessive drilling of the sensitive tooth structure. The need for temporary veneers does not arise as no enamel is removed.

The dentist will choose the shade of Lumineers that best blends with the existing natural teeth. An impression of your tooth is captured and sent to a dental laboratory to fabricate your customized Lumineers. Once the Lumineers are ready, your dentist will mildly etch your teeth for ideal bonding and then attach your Lumineers with special cement. The placement procedure usually takes around one hour. Lumineers will make your teeth look natural from the moment they are fixed.

After the fastening of the Lumineers, there are no restrictions on what kind of food you can eat and drink. They are so hard-wearing that there is no need to avoid sticky foods.

Regular check-ups should be continued with your dentist to make sure the Lumineers remain in perfect condition. However, it should not be forgotten that after getting Lumineers, you still need to maintain good oral hygiene.

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