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Preventive dental care should be a part of an overall health regimen throughout an individual’s life. The goal of preventive care includes the maintenance of strong and healthy teeth and gums. Also, regular preventative care enables the dentist to identify potential problems early and propose the appropriate treatment. This method gives the best value for your health and money.

What Is Included in Preventive Care in Dentistry?

You will be examined to look for any signs of tooth decay and periodontal or gum disease during your appointment. Periodontal disease is an ailment affecting the gums and can cause several problems within the mouth. If the gum disease is not treated in time, it could lead to the deterioration of the soft tissue and bone, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. Preventive care also includes being given professional teeth cleaning, polish, and fluoride treatments to protect the teeth.

What Can Be Expected From Preventive Dental Care?

The old saying ‘better to be safe than sorry’ holds true as far as preventive care is concerned. It will help if you take the necessary care for your general health and well-being. Preventive dental care will avert the occurrence of significant problems in your oral cavity.

Preventive care will help you save on trips to a dental office and their associated costs in the long run. By treating the dental problems before they turn severe, you can avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. It also helps you to avoid surgical procedures.

What Is Involved in a Preventive Dental Care Plan?

A preventive dental care plan will include the following:

  • Oral examinations once every six months.
  • Professional teeth cleaning to remove the debris, plaque, and tartar.
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests to identify minor issues.
  • Checking the condition of crowns, fillings, or implants for possible defects.
  • Application of dental sealants in the deep fissures and pits of molars and premolars that are more prone to tooth decay.
  • Evaluation of the bones and gums surrounding the teeth for any symptoms of periodontal diseases.
  • Fluoride treatment for both children and adults. It is a mineral that increases the strength of teeth and also prevents decay.
  • Examination of your lips, tongue, throat, gums, and tissues for possible evidence of oral cancer.
  • Fabrication of customized sports guards for teenagers who play physical sports.
  • Education on what home care measures are required to ensure optimal oral hygiene.

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