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Having a bright smile with white teeth can make you look and feel great. But you may now find that your teeth are not as white as they used to be, despite thoroughly brushing and flossing them. As you become older, the teeth will start appearing yellowish. Thankfully, with professional teeth whitening, the yellowness can be reversed in many cases. In no time can you have the brilliant pearly whites that you had when you were young.

What Kinds of Teeth Whitening Are Available?

Various teeth whitening techniques are available, and these are customized not only to get you the whitest smile possible but also to ensure that your procedure is safe and comfortable.

  • Laser Teeth Whitening 

This procedure is performed at a dental office. A whitening gel comprising hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to a patient’s teeth and left for 30 minutes. The whitening gel is activated by using lasers, breaking away the stains on the teeth. Laser tooth whitening is an effective, permanent solution for discolored and stained teeth and provides access to the deeper layers of a tooth’s enamel for maximum results. 

  • Custom-Made Teeth Whitening

In this method, the dentist will provide custom-made teeth whitening trays to be used at home. The trays have to be filled with the whitening gel and worn for a specific duration every day until you achieve the desired whitening effects. The trays are custom-fitted to each patient’s unique mouth, which allows for the best results and lessens any harm to the gums.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

  • Inadequate Dental Hygiene

 When you don’t brush or floss regularly, this allows for the bacteria and food particles to get stuck between your teeth and gums, leading to tooth stains. 

  • Food and Beverages

Coffee, tea, wine, soda, and some juices can decrease the whiteness of your teeth due to their high acid content. Fruits including apples, beets, blueberries, cherries, citrus fruits, cranberries, potatoes, raspberries, and tomatoes can also stain your teeth.  

  • Genetics

 When it comes to flaunting a bright smile, some people are just born lucky to have good genes. Genetics has a huge role in the brightness and thickness of your enamel, which can significantly impact the actual color of your teeth.

  • Aging

As part of our natural aging process, our tooth enamel slowly wears down over time. This will allow for the next layer of the tooth, namely the dentin, to show through. Since dentin is yellowish, many people’s teeth start to look more yellow as they age.

  • Tobacco Use

Not only does chewing or smoking tobacco put you at a higher risk of periodontal disease and other oral health problems, but it also leads to the yellowing of your teeth.

  • Medications

Several medications could contribute to tooth discoloration, including a prescription for managing blood pressure and antibiotics such as tetracycline or doxycycline. 

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